Join the Conspiracy…of Kindness!

by Steve Sjogren

It has been a couple of decades since we began partnering with God to serve our city with kindness and generosity, and today, we are still in a Jesus adventure.

Our latest installment is the initiative, sponsored by . (You can click here now to hear a special message from me to you.)

Here’s the idea: Why not enlist hundreds—or maybe even thousands—of Christ-followers in a grass-roots ad-hoc initiative to reach not-yet believers directly? This means that regardless of whether or not your church has a formal servant evangelism “program,” you can personally join the Conspiracy of Kindness, right now, today, with the simple click of a mouse and the entry of some rudimentary information.

“Well,” you say, “what will I need to do?” Partners in the initiative agree to ask the Holy Spirit to help them notice people they encounter every day and to begin to show those people acts of kindness as a practical demonstration of God’s love. Sound familiar?

I have included five ways that you can do this simply and naturally in your everyday life. (Click here to see these five simple ideas online…) With each act of kindness, you will deliver a connect card pointing the recipient to (Click here and give us your info, and we will send you a partner’s kit to get you started.)

Not-yet believers who visit will see a video that will lead them to a starting point for a spiritual life following Christ. To those who make the request, we will send materials to help them start and keep going in their faith journey. So don’t hesitate, become a co-conspirator as we recklessly fling seeds of kindness together!

Conspiracy of Kindness Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren enables every Christian to become an effective evangelist by demonstrating with teaching, example and testimony how unassuming acts of kindness convince people of the love of God more persuasively than words.